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Mimosa Forest Law Firm


Tel 03-5579-8471

For individual who seeks legal counseling and legal representative in Japan

When you are getting legal dispute in Japan, it would be difficult to defend your rights and cause by yourself through Japanese legal system. You need someone who will be in your corner, someone who will fight for you.

~Access to the Office~


4F Suzuki Building, 335 Yamabuki chou, Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan

Zip 162-0801 Tel 03-5579-8471 Fax 03-5579-8340


Kagurazaka statio

Edogawabashi station

Waseda statement

Mimosa Forest Law Firm was established by experienced female lawyers who has been working for civil litigation criminal defense, public interest litigations and various kind of legal cases representing individual clients over 10 years. Mimosa Forest Law Firm represents individual clients who get into trouble in Japanese legal systems. The Motto of our office is citizen friendly, reliable, we work hard to achieve access to justice for individual client, in particular, disadvantaged groups in the society, such as indigent clients, women, single mother, foreigners and elderly. Foreign residents in Japan are always welcomed.

■ Major Practice Areas

  • Divorce Law

  • Domestic Violence and other violence, harassment (Victim Side)

  • Family Law

  • Real Estate, Landlord and Tenant Law

  • Inheritance and Will

  • Bankruptcy and Debt Relief

  • Tort, Personal Injury

  • Corporate (Mainly, Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance)

  • Labor Law (Labor Side)

  • Elderly Law (Custody and Property Management)

  • Criminal Defense

  • Immigration

If you wish to consult us, please feel free to email us.

In the email, please write

 ■Your Name


 ■Contact Number

 ■ Email address

 ■Summary of the matters you are facing.

 ■Proposed Date for Consultation days(specify 3 or 4 option).


Ms. Kazuko Ito Tokyo Bar Association

■ Admission

  • 1994( Tokyo)

■ Education

  • NYU School of Law Visiting scholar (2004,2005)

  • Supreme Court’s Legal Training Center(1993)

  • Waseda Universty(1989) 

■ Membership

  • Gender Law Society(Board Member) International Human Rights Law Society(Board member)

  • Gender Equality Committee, Japan federation of Bar Associations(Vice Chair)

  • Human Rights Now(Secretary General)

~Kazuko Ito Profile details~

Attorney at Law Secretary General, Human Rights Now, Partner, Mimosa Forest Law Office Affiliated with the Tokyo Bar Association

Kazuko Ito has been practicing law as a human rights lawyer since 1994. As a human rights lawyer, she works various human rights issues, such as women’s rights, children’s rights, criminal justice and juvenile justice and public interest litigations in Japan as well as critical human rights problems in the world, with special focus in Asia. Kazuko has handled important wrongful conviction and false charge cases, including Retrial of Death Penalty – Nabari Case and Juvenile False Charge Case “Chofu Case”. Based on the professional experience, she has been involved with comprehensive criminal justice reform, including the Saiban-In system~the Japanese civil participation system into criminal procedure which was introduced in 2009. She conducts extensive research on comparative study of criminal justice reform to prevent wrongful convictions in the world. As a Hauser research fellow of NYU School of Law in 2004-2005, she researched comparative study of criminal justice system as well as international human rights law. In 2005, she joined the Center for Constitutional Rights, a NY based human rights NGO as a visiting lawyer and worked on human rights situation of the detainees in Guantanamo Bay.

In 2006, Kazuko joined the establishment of the Human Rights Now, a Japan based international human rights NGO and since then serving as the Secretary General. The objective of HRN is promotion and protection of human rights worldwide, with special focus in Asia. HRN is the first Japan based international human rights NGO which works for promotion and protection of human rights for people in the world, with special focus in Asia. The works of HRN include investigation, report, policy recommendation and advocacy to solve the grace human rights situation in the world. HRN also contribute human rights education and technical

Besides, she serves as the chief of the Gender Equality Committee of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations and a board member of Gender Law Society in Japan.

As a practitioner, she handled the U.S. Yokota Air Base Pollution Lawsuit, women's rights letigations and cases on sexual exploitation against Asian children.

She dedicated to rescue of three Japanese hostages in Iraq in 2004 and worked as their representative. Her publication includes

・Challenge of Saibanin System toward the end of wrongful conviction(Gendai Jinbun Sya, 2006),

・“The Problem of False Confession in the Post-DNA World”( Translation, Author Steven Drizin, Richard Leo, Nihon Hyoron Sha)

・“World Report of International Human Rights Law”( Law Seminar 2006-2008, Nihon Hyoron Sha).

・" Protecting human rights beyond the border( 2013, Iwanami Shoten)

Kazuko Ito Attorney at Law( Tokyo Bar Association) Secretary General, Human Rights Now, Japan Chief, Gender Equality Committee of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations(JFBA) Board Member, Gender Law Society, Japan Member of the International Human Rights Committee of Japan Federation of Bar Associations(JFBA) Author of several books and articles, including メ Word Report of International Human Rights Law( Hougaku Seminar, Nihon Hyoron Sya), “Challenge for Civil Participation of Japanese Criminal Justice System to prevent wrongful conviction”( Gendai Jinbun Sya).

~Short Biography~

1989 Graduated from Waseda University 1991 Passed the Japanese Bar Examination 1994-Present Practicing as Lawyer 2004-2005 Houser Research Scholar of New York University School of Law 2005 Working for a New York Based human rights NGO, Center for Constitutional Rights 2006-Present Serving as the Secretary General of Human Rights Now 2007-2011 Partner, Olive Tree Law Offic 2007-2008 Chief of the Gender Equality Committee of Tokyo Bar Association 2011-present Chief of the Gender Equality Committee of JFBA April 2012~ Partner, Mimosa Forest Law Office

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John Bisacky
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Ito Sama I desperately need your expertise today. Its a enormous Human Rights Case that has persisted for 8 years. I live in Shin Yokohama and it takes me an hour by train. Telephone 08060885303

Draft Complaint

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) 

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My name is John Michael Bisacky Jr Telephone in Japan 81 080-6088-5303 and internet Phone to my house in Japan Telephone 1-263-0349.  Living at 1-21-1 KOUHOKUKU, SHIN YOKOHAMA, APT 1204, YOKOHAMA, JAPAN 222-0033  I’m a United States Navy Master Chief Petty Officer(Surface Warfare) (Ret) and have been living in Japan with my spouse as a Japan National for 13 years. I’m a Japan National as defined…

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